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4. Snow Effects

- We carry snow machines that enhance any winter event. From flurries to blizzard, Kids love it!

- Our snow machines are wireless controlled and can be placed anywhere, building roof tops, attached at street light poles, stages, stadium trusses, etc. Wireless controlled up to 400 meters.

- Snow Effects
  - flurries
  - storm
​  - blizzard

  - avalanche

Foam fluid details
  - dye and fragrance free
  - dermatologist, pediatrician tested
  - hypoallergenic and tear-free

NOTE:  We also can produce real 3"-4" of snow in a 4,000 sq ft ground area in 1 hour IF > air temperature is 28 deg or less.

Need more snow for a serious winter scene? No problem, we have higher output machines. 

6. FLAME Effects

- We carry a line of flame effects that enhance any stage or outdoor event.

- Our flame devices are wireless controlled and can be placed on building roof tops, or on stages up to 400 meters.

- Each flame device has a built in safety system that cuts off automatically after 3 seconds. Each device has its own 12oz canister of fuel oppose to large propane fuel tanks and hoses which reduces safety risks.

3. Fire & ICE, Smoke EFFECTS

- Can't have fireworks at your indoor or outdoor event because of safety or budget issues? We have many solutions to enhance your event with our systems that look like real pyrotechnics.

- We can produce fire, ice, smoke and other effects that fits your stage or outdoor event theme.

- We also can produce foam and ground fog effects.

- These effects have been our #1 pleaser for children, interaction with the effects during events where fireworks can't be done.

- We can foam up safety netted trampolines, bouncy houses and inflatable slides during summer events. Safety and control is easily implemented to where 1 child enters at a time.

- Our systems and formulas are SAFE and environmental friendly.


OUR LiNE of Services

8. Confetti CanNons

- We also carry air blower confetti cannons. Perfect for stages and parades.

- Our cannons are wireless controlled up to 400 meters and can be placed on buildings to shower the parade or crowd.

- Can customize the type of confetti colors and streamers. 100% biodegradable.


7. Bubble Effects

- We also carry bubble machines. Perfect during times when audience is waiting for event to start or barrage the audience at peak of event.

​​2. ​Show light EFFECTS

- Promote your next event with sky show lighting. It can be seen for miles and attracts your target audience like never before.

- Our show light beams are the latest technology, produces a variety of colors, patterns and prism effects that can match any event theme.

- Our lights are wireless and computer controlled which can be placed anywhere on the ground or on top of numerous buildings up to 400 meters.

- Turns a street, parking lot or intersection into an instant magical dance floor.


1. ​Fireworks

- We professionally perform both 1.3g & 1.4g traditional firework displays for any type of public or private event.

- We can also computer script a powerful pyromusical epic theme show. *Fireworks sync'd with

special FX, show lighting, epic music, narrations, and ground effects makes the event even more magical and memorable.

- Our Mission: is to make your event show most magical and enchanting by incorporating as much special effects we safely can just like you see, hear and feel in epic theater movie scenes, major theme parks, Hollywood and Las Vegas scripted and narrated shows. 

- Not only we do pyrotechnics but we also have that vision and imagination to help you script an optional animated educational story line of history to narrate to your audience of why your celebrating the event. It makes the event more magical, captures, and expands your audience's mind through synchronization of sight sound effects and narration.

- Check out our GUIDE section, we can help you meet your expectations of a fireworks show. We love what we do and work professionally with our clients in producing the most magical results.

 Welcome to Magic Display  fireworks FX in Central Texas.  

Affordable and customized to your event and budget.

1.3g & 1.4g pyrotechnic displays, small or large.



- Beat the Texas heat and enhance any public or private summer park, water park, swimming pool event with foam. Can fill a 5,000' x 12' area of foam in just 4 minutes. Indoor or outdoor fun.

Foam fluid details

  - dye and fragrance free

  - dermatologist, pediatrician tested

  - hypoallergenic and tear-free

SAFETY: Cannon volume, height and width of foam can be adjusted to accommodate different age groups (adults or children) and play monitored by staff. Foam is light, fluffy, semi wet, hollow, full of air and no problems with breathing. 


Pyro Series